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Terms & Conditions (ABG)

The owner of an on-line shop:

F Flower Company GmbH 

Kärntner Ring 9-13/64, 1010 Wien 

Managing director:

Mrs. Mariya Pohonysheva

  1. Buyer’s order, which includes the scope of services and remuneration or relevant offer from F Flower Company GmbH is a draft contract of sale and purchase.  The Current contract is concluded at the time of delivery of the mandatory consent of the buyer and the seller of this offer (the mandatory written confirmation of the order by the seller). After it, between the buyer and seller enter into force on the mutual rights and obligations.

  2. Seller’s offers can be changed, and they are non-binding, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

  3. All Prices include V.A.T.: fresh flowers 13%, decorations 20%.

  1. Cash – pick up or delivery 

  2. Credit card – pick up in the store (Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Dinners Club, American Express)

  3. PayPal 

  4. Secure online Payments – credit card throw the payment gateway

  1. The place of performance is the headquarters of F Flower Company GmbH or other place agreed in writing in advance. 

  2. The seller is not responsible for wrongly given contact data of the recipient as well as for the fact that recipient was not at the place within the agreed time specified in the order. 

  3. In case of unpredictable situations, the seller reserves the right of 15 min delay of agreed time specified in the order. If the delay of any reasons is longer the seller has to inform the recipient in advance. 

1. Pick up – The pickup can be used only during the working hours of the store. After hours is possible after writing agreement between seller and buyer. The Pickup is possible two hours after order confirmation of the seller. 

2. F Flower Company GmbH is delivering only in Wien. Rates for delivery are: 

  • 10 euro for 1st district 

  • 15 euro for 2nd – 19th district

  • 20 euro for – 20st-23rd district 

  • Prices includes 13% of V.A.T.

​3. The recipient has to be presented at the specified location during delivery. If the recipient is not available, the courier will transmit order to person who is presented at the specified location, based on writing confirmation. The courier is not obliged to verify the identity of the recipient. 

4. F Flower Company GmbH keeps right to call to recipient 30 min before delivery time. If the buyer does not want the recipient to be informed in advance the buyer must write it this information as a delivery note when he/she is placing the order. 

5. If good cannot be delivered because of wrong, incomplete or non-existent address, the courier must without delay inform the buyer and wait for further instruction. If there are not reported further instruction to the courier within 10 min, the courier returns goods back to the seller. Obligations of the courier to deliver goods is carried out by returning the goods to the seller. In the case of lack of the recipient in the specified place of delivery can re-delivery of goods. The buyer is obligated to pay re-delivery. Rate for re-delivery stays same as for normal delivery rate. Repeated delivery of goods will be possible after the payment. (personally, in the store or online). In the case of non-payment by the Buyer, goods are deemed to be delivered even if there was no transfer of goods recipient.

  1. Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part of it before the conclusion of the sales contract in the flowing cases: The goods are not supplied or not currently on the stock or significant change in the price of goods supplied. In these cases, the seller will immediately contact the client to agree on how to solve situation. If the client has already paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded to his account and the conclusion of the contract of the sale does not occur. 

  2. The order can be cancelled 24 hours before the time specified for delivery. Request of the cancellation can be sent by e-mail or by call +436767777031. For the cancellation the client has to give – name, e-mail address and order number. 

  1. The recipient confirms the receipt of the goods with his signature also that the goods are received in good condition.

  2. If there are any visibly damages (broken flowers, broken vase, etc.) the recipient must immediately inform the seller via phone or e-mail including proving photos. 

  3. Fresh flowers are specific type of goods and its shape and condition can be affected many of factors. F Flower Company GmbH pay attention on the best quality of flowers however if flowers are in bad condition within 24 hour the recipient must informed seller about it with proving photos that florist can evaluate damage.  Later complaints will not be considered.

  4. In the case of apparent damage of the goods seller is obligated to replace it with the price reduction for goods or has the right to cancel the contract of sale. 

  5. The seller is not liable for damages of the goods caused by the recipient 

  1. The flower business depends on seasonality and import of goods from groovers and importers. 

  2. Seller reserves the right to replace the order of the variety or colour of flowers at a rate of not more than 25% relative to the bouquet/flowerbox pictures posted on the online store.

  3. If it is necessary to replace more than 25% of flowers, the Seller is obligated to contact immediately buyer to agree on the changes of the order.

Terms and Conditions are valid from June 14, until further notice.


Buyer has the opportunity to properly examine the terms and conditions as well as conditions of the complaint as well as get acquainted with them in detail. 

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